New features and design on

18 Jan, 2021

The new features on
Welcome to our new and improved version of

We have added new functions that have the task of facilitating and optimizing your experience when you use the platform.

New features
Volume purchases – It is possible to see different prices based on what quantity is desired on several products. We are continuing to work on getting more of the products sold in different batch sizes.

Shopping basket – Now you can shop several lots at a time. It is also possible to trade with different suppliers at the same time! You get individual invoice basis, so it is easy to keep track of.

Notifications – Do you want to stay up to date on which parties hit the marketplace? You can set up under your profile how you want to receive notifications about new parties. Eg. you can receive a long list of all products on Tuesday at. 11.30 – set it up as you like!

The counter-bid function – Has a minimal and simple design. At the same time, it has become easier to access.

Creating / Restoring Items – Creating your batch has become easier.

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