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18 Jan, 2021

Make it easier and faster to sell your leftovers

We live in a time where we are all busy and have many things to look forward to. Therefore, it is welcome when there are solutions that can facilitate processes and save time. As something completely new, it is now possible for you as a supplier to make a connection between GS1 Trade Sync and This makes it even easier to dispose of leftovers as well as surplus or date items.

Improve the quality of your product information

We are all aware that good product information is essential to get the products on the shelves. By connecting your product information to GS1, you ensure that buyers receive correct product master data, in the form of e.g. pictures, ingredient lists or general item information. This option makes it easier to create items on and benefits both you and the buyer. You ultimately avoid losing sales or wasting time and the buyer gets the opportunity to e.g. to make cool Yes-thank you offers on social media, based on proper product information.


When you log in to, you will find a category called “GS1” on the top menu. When you click on this, you will find a guide and a link where you can fill in the necessary information. After this, GS1 must approve the entered information and shortly after, Spotmarket retrieves your information and thus ensures a secure and more efficient supply chain.

At we want to make it even easier to help reduce food waste!

If you have questions about the connection between GS1 and, you are welcome to contact customer service. We are ready to help on tel .: +45 70 284 284 or

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