About Spotmarket

About Spotmarket

Spotmarket has come about in a desire to facilitate the process of trade of residual and data-critical goods. We collaborate with a wide range of suppliers, wholesalers and distributors in both food and nonfood and have a large network of buyers in various industries that use Spotmarket daily for ordering interesting goods. Many buyers take advantage of our great offers to make spells in stores and yes-thank offers on Facebook with great success. The concept is to be seen as an effective supplement to ordinary daily operations. Spotmarket is a meeting place for good deals.

Overstocks, date-critical and other surplus goods

Trade in residues is both resource-consuming and time consuming. The idea is that it’s easy, fast and efficient to shop for rest and party. Spotmarket is a closed B2B network that allows suppliers and COOP stores to trade with each other online. The marketplace is open 24/7/365 – it is always possible to make a good trade when the time or need is there.

What does it cost?

Restpartier - gratis oprettelseIt is absolutely free to be set up as a user at Spotmarket.
As a Coop store, you never pay anything to use the marketplace. You only pay the suppliers for the goods you buy, just as you usually do.
As a provider, you can also create your ads on the marketplace for free. You pay a sales fee for the lots that are sold, and if you do not sell anything, it costs you nothing.
Salgssalær - restpartierSales fee for supplier
The sales fee is 3.95% of the value of completed trades. At the end of the month, Spotmarket sends a settlement for the month’s completed trades.

Benefits of using Spotmarket

As a Coop store, you can take advantage of Spotmarket:
  • Find good offers on leftovers, etc. at spot prices
  • All prices are stated incl. and excl. VAT and freely delivered to your business address
  • Access to a platform that is easy, fast and efficient – and active when you need it
  • Always access to a wide selection of items
As a supplier, you can take advantage of Spotmarket:
  • Streamlining your sales of leftovers and date-critical items
  • Introduction or testing of interest in a new product on the Danish market
  • Get in touch with stores you are not yet present in
  • Access to a platform that is easy, fast and efficient – and active when you need it
We look forward to welcoming you to Spotmarket.

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