A digital marketplace for manufacturers,
wholesalers and Coops stores

Sell your items

Register for free as a supplier on Coop-Spotmarket. Once your user is created, you can easily and quickly add your items and reach all of Coop’s stores. You choose the minimum order size, delivery time and price, and you can receive bids for your goods from the stores.

Buy items for your store

If you are from a Coop store, you can set up as a store on Coop-Spotmarket for free. Once your user is created, you get access to all active products from established suppliers in the field of food and non-food. You can receive notifications when new products arrive, and you can download our app so you never miss a great offer.

When you have the time and need

At Coop-Spotmarket, trading is easy and fast 24/7 all year round.

The marketplace is always open and you shop in the closed B2B network when you have the time and need.

Many Coop stores use offers from Coop-Spotmarket for offer lakes, Ja-tak offers and other marketing.

As a supplier, you always have a clear overview of how many items you have left of a batch, and your consultants can complete agreed orders with the stores using just a few clicks. the consulting function.

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It’s easy and fast when you have the time and need!
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